In just 90 days, we’ll design, build and launch customized checking solutions, completely risk free. If we don’t deliver what you’re looking for, you don’t owe us anything.

This includes our exclusive CheckingScore analytics solution that tells how each of your consumer checking accounts is performing financially and helps you understand your customer base like never before. Plus, we compare your performance using benchmarks from the millions of relationships in our CheckingScore database.

We’ll recommend solutions that deliver a customized product lineup that’s simple, much more financially productive and competitively different. Your personalized BaZing mobile app and website will bring excitement to your bank or credit union and give employees a valuable, yet incredibly simple way to connect with your customers. Plus, we check out your competitors' approaches to checking to see how aggressive you can be with pricing. 

We then provide ongoing, best of class client service to keep your checking lineup fresh and modern, while delivering top performing financial results. We are your go to resource for all things checking related.