Discover the power of BaZing, a rewards based app created with modern benefits that impact customers’ everyday lives and are delivered right on the phone, all via a total personalized mobile app to reflect your bank or credit union's name, look and brand.

View the App Demo

View a demo of our BaZing mobile app from the ABA Marketing & Retail Conference Innovation Showcase.


Hello seamless.  Hello paperless.
Hello fabulous user experience. 

From the moment your customers open an account, our automatic engagement tools take it from there. There are no sign up forms, no paper kits, no hoops for customers to jump through — just a beautiful app, that’s a breeze to use.




The deals find you — just start scrolling to see deals nearby, or browse by category and location.


There are over 360,000 deals in the BaZing network, including a variety of dining, shopping, entertainment and more.


Simply show the mobile coupon to the retailer for instant savings.



benefits on the go.

Other BaZing benefits like roadside assistance, cell phone protection and health savings are all in the app.





Customers get notifications about available discounts right when they walk in the store.




The Map function allows you to view all the deals nearby and get turn by turn directions to the retailer of your choice.




Every time customers open the app, they're reminded of how much your bank or credit union has helped them save.


Learn about even more benefits available with BaZing, all delivered via a customized mobile app and website, allowing you to provide an easy, convenient way to save customers money and show up in the moments you're needed most.



Support communities.

Our BaZing Local merchant acquisition program delivers a creative new community advertising program, meaning our team seeks out your small business customers and merchants in your area to feature a discount in the app for free. It’s a unique way for you to bring value to your customers, all while supporting local businesses in your community. 


With great power comes great revenue.

The payoff of the BaZing mobile app and website is an immediate and significant contribution to your bank or credit union’s bottom line, with material customer friendly fee income and a more active use of your institution's products. 

Learn more about how we use our CheckingScore analytical tool to reveal which of your relationships are most important to protect and which present the best opportunity to grow.