BaZing Training


Session 1: Meet BaZing! 

In this first session, you'll learn about what BaZing is and why it's a great solution for you, your customers and your financial institution.  


The Placemat

The placemat is a visual tool that's used at the new accounts desk to provide an overview of BaZing and educate your customers on its features. 

Watch the video below for a brief demo of your new product placemat and how you as the banker can best use the placemat when talking with your customers about BaZing:

Download a sample placemat here.


Subscription Society

Did you know? 2 out of 3 Americans are members of a subscription service. Chances are you're a member of one of these too. 

More and more people are joining subscription services because they want to pay for the value they receive. 

Like these services, customers pay a monthly fee for BaZing benefits. In return, they have access to benefits that can save them well beyond the cost of the monthly fee. 

Watch the video to learn more.

(insert subscription society video)


Why we do what we do

We live in a mobile world and banking is no exception! Customers want and expect more than free checking and a debit card.

With BaZing, you offer a checking account beyond the basics, with benefits that save customers money and are delivered in a modern way.

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Take the Survey

Test your new knowledge on BaZing!

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What's Next

Ready for your next session? Up next is all about the Features and Benefits of BaZing.