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CheckingScore is an analytical tool that ranks your customers' total relationships with your financial institution. In a couple of easy steps, we can show you who has profitable relationships with your bank or credit union and who does not. 


What does it mean to be a profitable customer? 

CheckingScore shows you which accounts are profitable and which are not, as well as provides a comparison of how your accounts stack up to peer institutions. 

By house-holding customers, we’re able to determine who is connected to whom. Based on those connections, we calculate that household’s financial relationship with the bank or credit union. 

CheckingScore is armed with reports that look at segment, product, age and branch details. We then use those reports to make the best product recommendations for your financial institution. 


Where do you go for additional fee income, without risking important relationships?

The first step in growing fee income is understanding your existing relationships. CheckingScore makes it easy to understand your customer data in order to make amazing product design decisions.


You’ll discover your most valuable household relationships and how they contribute to your bottom line. By offering new products that truly impact their financial wellbeing, these customers remain loyal to your bank or credit union, keeping retention rates high and securing the fate of your most profitable relationships. 

And by determining the relationships that are low profitability, you’ll see exactly which single product, low balance households need improvement.



Peer Comparison

We've collected detailed performance data on millions of consumer checking relationships from financial institutions of all sizes. With CheckingScore, you can learn how your bank's performance stacks up against your peers with our Top 20 industry benchmarks. 


The top 10% OF YOUR customers CONTROL over 60% OF YOUR financial institution's relationships. The bottom THIRD CONTROL less than 3%.

CheckingScore brings a new clarity to your relationship management strategies, revealing exactly which relationships are most important to protect and which present the best opportunity to grow. With CheckingScore, you'll understand customer relationships in a way your bank or credit union has never been able to understand them before. 



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