Make life fun, safe and wonderful. 


That’s what your financial institution desires to do for your customers, but how much are you actually providing to them beyond the typical boundaries of banking?

Here you’ll discover all the ways BaZing's money-saving benefits will bring your banking to life — By serving families, helping people do what they love and protecting what they value most. 

Customers like Sammi, the gardener who saved $35 on this year’s flowers purchase at the local nursery. Or Ellen, a mom in New Jersey who has saved thousands on prescriptions for her son’s life threatening illness. 

It’s that kind of impactful, unexpected service from a bank that starts the transformation from not just a customer, but a customer for life. 







You don’t have to be an avid coupon clipper to enjoy saving money. Imagine walking into a shop or restaurant and getting an app notification about an available discount where you’re already making a purchase. 

Imagination, meet reality, with the BaZing mobile app that allows your bank to swoop in and save customers from paying full price.





A surprise event like breaking a cell phone brings the fear of also breaking the family budget. 

Lock your keys in your car? You’re already saying a tearful goodbye to that roadside assistance fee you could’ve spent on better things. 

Someone in your family becomes sick? On top of everything, here comes the fear of far too high prescription costs.  

Unexpected costs are happening to your customers every day. What if your bank was the one who came to their rescue to pay for these types of expenses?




Think Costco, Sam’s Club or Amazon Prime. By paying one very low cost monthly fee, customers gladly pay in order to save money. Just like your BaZing checking account, it’s a valuable membership for them and a new source of needed fee income for your bank. 

One BaZing checking account brings extra protection benefits like:
- Cell phone protection
- Identity theft aid
- Roadside assistance
- Prescription savings
- Eye care savings
- Hearing savings
- Accidental travel death insurance

Bank customers with BaZing benefits are saving money in all sorts of ways. From thousands of dollars on prescriptions, to $5 off family pizza night. 

How will you encourage customers to leave financial worry behind and step into the comfort of knowing your bank has their back?




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