How Mobile Rewards Can Drive Growth for Your Bank 

Discover the app with over 360,000 local deals, geofences to provide discount notifications and much more


FRIDAY, August 25 AT 1:00 PM CT

Presented by Dave Crook and Austin Porter of StrategyCorps



Discover the BaZing Mobile App 

How is your financial institution offering value to your customers and providing mobile services that go beyond the basics of banking?

According to a recent Accenture survey, 45% of consumers say the top reason that they would stay loyal is if their bank offers discounts on purchases.

As the big banks are winning new customers thanks to their innovations in mobile, your institution needs to be armed with the right tools to keep your customers engaged. 

Learn about the features of our BaZing mobile app and how working with StrategyCorps can help you retain customers, while increasing your profitability and bottom line. 

  • Over 360,000 deals across the U.S., with local merchants and national retailers
  • Geofences around local offers, so customers get notifications when they're near the store
  • Customizable notification preferences, so the app works how customers want to use it 
  • Even more money saving benefits, like cell phone protection, roadside assistance and identity theft protection