The banker saves the day.

We've collected countless stories from our BaZing users, all raving about the ways their bank of credit union has helped them save money for everyday purchases or in times of critical need. 

"March 2013 my mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Her initial prescription was well over $200 for one months supply. I gave my dad my BaZing card to use, and he ended up paying $14 instead of $200+. Without the BaZing card, my dad wouldn’t have been able to afford her medication. My family is grateful for the savings and use the card every month to this day!" — Amy O.
"Because of BaZing’s cell phone protection, I was able to drop my insurance through the cell phone company…saving $9 a month! Being a single mom, every dollar helps!" — Eva H.

"My family and I were going out to celebrate my dad’s birthday. As we walked in the restaurant, I noticed a sign that said ‘Proud member of BaZing!’ So I pulled up the BaZing app and sure enough there it was. We were able to receive a free appetizer with our meal. It was a great place to eat and a great time with family! Thanks BaZing!" — Michael H.