Encore Webinar:
Lessons from the World's Digital UX Leaders

Presented by Dave DeFazio, StrategyCorps

Encore presentation from Financial Brand Forum 2017


A handful of companies like Facebook, Starbucks and Uber have raised the bar in the mobile channel, radically redefining consumers' expectations. 

What mobile apps do people love, and how do they prefer to interact with them?

This session will focus on live demonstrations of the mobile apps that are reimagining everyday banking tasks, and show you what your institution needs to do to keep up. Demos include Venmo, Simple, Digit, Penny, Uber, Amazon, Bank of America and Starbucks.


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Get a Recording of the encore webinar, Featuring:

  • Ideas that your institution can steal from the world’s leading retailers and UX designers
  • Lessons from social media apps that can make mobile banking easier and more intuitive for customers
  • How fintech innovators are using mobile apps to threaten the role and relevance of traditional banking providers
  • How leading retailers (and not banks) are simplifying everyday banking tasks for consumers
  • How robo-bank apps and algorithms are automating financial advice
  • How innovative new mobile banking apps are addressing the security fears of today’s banking customers
  • How rewards and geo-location tools can help your institution connect better with customer mobile lifestyles


Presented by Dave DeFazio




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