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BaZing brings you the power to claim your space in the life of the modern consumer—to influence their spending behaviors and to show up in the moments you're needed most.



Before we dive into discussing what exactly BaZing is and why it is going to be so successful for your financial institution, I’m going to do a brief demonstration utilizing your new product placemat.

As you will see, this is a dynamic tool that visually explains all the BaZing features, so this is also what you will be using at the new accounts desk to educate your customers. As a starting point, I think this will provide you with a great overview of BaZing.

 So in this scenario, I’m the banker and you are my customer. You walk into the branch and need to open up a checking account. I’m going to do all the common courtesy items, such as introduce myself, smile, shake your hand, and make some small talk.

 After that, I’m going to turn the placemat around to you and it will sound something like this.


So as you can see, the best way to generally understand BaZing is to think of it as a package of in-demand consumer-based features that are included right along with traditional features on checking accounts like online banking, mobile banking and debit cards.


These appealing consumer-oriented features provide two sources of value for your customers.

One, they save them money when they spend it. Everybody likes to save money when they buy something, so BaZing is going to help your customers save on everyday things like dining and shopping at local merchants as well as on travel, entertainment and even prescriptions.

Two, these features provide incredible security and peace of mind for your customer for when the unexpected happens. Whether it’s your cell phone breaking, getting a flat tire or being a victim of identity theft, BaZing is there to save the day.

All of these features are available to your customers through a modern website. But, best of all, they are also delivered right into the palm of their hand through a simple and easy mobile app.

How about that…you and BaZing will now be going everywhere with your customers, ready to save them money or ready to save the day!



Download the Marketing Catalog

Our BaZing Marketing Catalog features in-branch items, training materials and digital marketing for your website and social media. Each item stays true to the BaZing brand, with a variety of powerful imagery and customizable colors to enhance your own brand. 

We understand that you likely have branch merchandise, such as posters and window clings, as well as an inventory of other printed materials, such as placemats, that feature the old BaZing branding. We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to update your inventory and to try out some new ways to promote your BaZing account!

Reminder! Beginning August 1, 2016, we ask that you are only using items with the new BaZing brand. 

If you'd like to order materials from the catalog, simply reach out to your account manager.