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Reinventing Checking Accounts


Download the free white paper by Ron Shevlin, Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors that is loaded with insights about how to thrive in the subscription society, including:

• Threats to checking accounts, like P2P payments, retailer mobile apps and robo-advisor tools.

• Who, and how many, are paying for free checking accounts versus fee-based checking accounts.

• Why fee-based accounts get referred by friends and family more than free accounts.

• How an account with value leads more people to switch accounts.

• And much more.


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Client Case Study

Resource One CU

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Dave DeFazio


Dave leads and manages the community financial institution sales team. He also is actively involved in building our top performing checking, marketing and training solutions. Using his previous hands-on and executive retail banking experience at a billion dollar asset bank, he is instrumental in the user experience of the websites and mobile apps that deliver our consumer checking solutions and the analytics tools that provide empirical clarity to checking financial performance upon which to customize our checking solutions to clients.