Attend an Encore Webinar from the Washington Bankers Association Presentation:

What's Next for Mobile Banking?

Presented by Dave DeFazio of StrategyCorps

Friday, December 16 at 11:00 A.m. PST



The Question remains the same, but the answers are constantly evolving.

Discover the newest mobile banking features being implemented by top performing financial institutions that go beyond basic transactions to help them connect better with their customers. 

Hear the presentation from the WBA Presentation and invite your team members to join in as we share the impact of our latest research.



Mobile Payments AND REWARDS

Mobile payments are growing in popularity, and big banks are vying to get as much of their share as possible. Learn more about the key players in the mobile payments war as well as the banks that are using rewards to engage customers. 



Born digital banks and social Payments

Learn about the banks that are leading the way in developing unordinary ways that actually serve customers' financial needs best.

Plus how Venmo is becoming the standard for how Millennials and now all audiences think about finance between friends.


Plus Video research on the language of the millennial generation

Understanding the Millennial generation is the first step in connecting with the increasingly important age group. We'll share our latest consumer research videos, where we test people of all ages on their knowledge of these popular words and phrases.

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