the BaZing brand


It's your checking account.


BaZing brings you the power to claim your space in the life of the modern consumer—to influence their spending behaviors and to show up in the moments you're needed most.


Download the Marketing Catalog

Our BaZing Marketing Catalog features in-branch items, training materials and digital marketing for your website and social media. Each item stays true to the BaZing brand, with a variety of powerful imagery and customizable colors to enhance your own brand. 

If you'd like to order materials from the catalog, simply reach out to your account manager. 

Using the baZing brand

We've compiled all the information you'll need, including:

  • About the brand, logo and colors 

  • activating customers on the BaZing Website

  • BaZing Local materials

  • The BaZing Style Guide

  • project Manager contact Info

About The Brand

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

BaZing gives your financial institution the power to connect with your customers—to be a resource for everyday purchases as well as life's most important spending decisions.

BaZing is playful. It is full of life, because it was created to impact the lives of your customers.

BaZing evokes interest. It is compelling in a way that makes a lasting bond with current and new customers.

Every aspect of the BaZing brand was designed to represent these 3 things:  Powerful. Playful. Compelling.


About the new LOGO AND COLORs

The BaZing logo with the icon and logo-type is the default for general use. 


Download the logos here.

You'll also need to add the logo on your bank or credit union's website that links customers to You can download the website logo here in Green or Black.

BaZing colors include:



Your Checking Account, powered by BaZing

While some of our financial institutions use the name "BaZing Checking" and use our standard colors and logo, others may choose their own unique checking account name, which is "powered by BaZing." In this case, your checking account name remains prominent, and the BaZing name simply serves to "power the account." The brand was created to be easily customizable for your unique use. 

Download the logos here.


activating customers on the BaZing Website

If your financial institution currently uses in-branch employee activation, here's how to activate customers online:

  • Log in to your BaZing account.

  • The "Activate" link to activate new customers is now in the top navigation.

  • Click the link and continue to follow the steps shown.

If you're not utilizing in-branch employee activation, this is a great time to take advantage of this feature! To learn more, simply contact your account manager.

BaZing Local Materials

With the new brand, we have also updated the brochure used to assist in signing up new merchants to the discount network. 


We also now offer a 1-page alternative for promoting the network with merchants that is cost effective and easy to print in-house.



Plus, the window cling for merchants to display in their store has been updated. You can request any of these items by contacting your account manager. 


The Style Guide

Our BaZing Style Guide includes logo and usage specifications, colors, typography, imagery, mobile app info and more on the creation of the brand.

Download your copy here, and simply contact your account manager to request supporting art files.

project Manager Contact Info

If you'd like to order materials from the catalog, or if you have questions about anything related to the brand, feel free to reach out to your account manager. 

Tracy Gugala 615-263-7733

Tracy Gugala

Alexandra Stafford 615-263-7752

Alexandra Stafford

Courtney Hunter 615-263-7758

Courtney Hunter

Brynn Waller 615-263-7763

Brynn Waller



It's our mission to help you discover your voice in a new age of communication and to empower you to share with customers all the value you bring to the world. 

With a modern touch, a playful attitude and an approachable concept, BaZing's branding works to enhance your product, spark interest, create conversation and allow you to play a starring role in your customers' financial wellbeing.

Let these guidelines and our team be your resources throughout the branding of your checking account, powered by BaZing. Just remember, always use your powers for good ;)

- The StrategyCorps Team