so many ways for members to save 


With a variety of discounts on dining, shopping, services, travel and more, every member can find their favorite way to save money with the BaZing mobile app.



When was the last time you helped a Family save $200? 


Helping members save a dollar is a lot easier than helping members earn a dollar. With interest rates not increasing to any meaningful amount, it’s time for a new, unexpected and original way to be the credit union that truly helps members with their finances.  



Prove you care about local businesses.


Every credit union says they care about local businesses. Here’s your chance to prove you care. It’s completely free for a local merchant to offer discounts in the BaZing mobile app. So while you grow your network to be better and better, you also provide a free way for local merchants to promote their business.

At the time of your product launch, we send our BaZing Local team into your community to assist in signing up new merchants. Plus, members can refer new merchants right in the app. So the next time they sign into the app and see their favorite merchant listed, they’ll know your credit union went the extra mile to make their experience great.   

Shop local.
Save local.



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Paperless Activation


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