Day 1:
Embracing the Mobile Revolution

An Introduction to the BaZing Mobile App


Hello! Welcome to your first week of the BaZing Learning Series! Every day this week, you’ll be receiving an email with a link to bite-sized lessons getting you reenergized and refreshed on all things BaZing. As you already know, your BaZing features and benefits bring great value to you and your customers, so staying up to date on them is important!

In today’s session, we'll be learning why an innovative mobile offering like BaZing is so important for your financial institution to stay relevant in today's digital world.

Important: Be sure you have the BaZing mobile app downloaded on your phone! Instructions to download the app are shown in the video.


Let's get started!

Watch the video below, and continue to scroll down to learn how you can win a $250 Amazon gift card!


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win a $250 amazon gift card!

If you join us for all 5 sessions this week, you'll be entered in our random drawing for a $250 Amazon gift card! Just keep opening your emails every day and clicking through to watch the videos.

Day 1 challenge!

Make sure the app is downloaded on your iPhone or Android smart phone and ready to use for tomorrow's session! If you don't have a smart phone, find a branch partner to follow along with and see in person how the app looks and feels so you’ll be better prepared to answer customer questions.