Day 3:
More to Explore in the App

the BaZing Guarantee and How to Refer a Merchant


In this session, we'll start exploring what's in the "More" section of the BaZing mobile app, including how to refer a new merchant to the network. You'll also learn about the BaZing Guarantee, which ensures that if you have a problem using a coupon, you'll be compensated the amount of the discount, up to $100. 

Watch the video below to learn more!


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Refer a Merchant

Don't see your favorite local merchant listed in the app? Simply share their information with us, and we'll contact them about joining the network.

Refer a Merchant on →


BaZing Guarantee

Did you have trouble using a coupon? We'll compensate you the estimated amount of the discount that was not honored, up to $100.

BaZing Guarantee on →

Day 3 Challenge!

Think of the last 3 places you shopped locally, and then check to see if they're already on BaZing.

If so, favorite them so you can use the coupon later.

If not, stop in and introduce yourself and let them know about the program. Remember, there's never a cost to the merchant to join and once you refer them we'll reach out to merchant with all the details!