Webinar: Drive Growth for Your FI, Reward Customers and Increase Fee Income 

View a demo of the baZing mobile Rewards app and CheckingScore Analytical Tool from StrategyCorps

Friday, April 27 at 1:00 pm CT

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Discover the BaZing Mobile App

A recent survey shows that nearly half of 30-something Millennials would pay $5-10 a month for a checking account from Amazon, including cell phone damage protection, ID theft protection, roadside assistance, travel insurance and product discounts.

The BaZing mobile app from StrategyCorps includes a variety of in demand benefits that can be offered from your financial institution's checking account. Sign up for the webinar to learn how this type of subscription based model can help you reinvent your checking accounts and increase your customer friendly fee income.  

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Learn about CheckingScore


When it comes to your financial institution's customers, all relationships are not created equal.

The top 10% of your profitable customers control over 60% of your FI's relationships. The bottom third control less than 3%. 

That's why it's crucial to understand your customer data so that you can protect the relationships that are worth protecting and grow the ones that are underperforming. 

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