Deliver your best account lineup.

Protect the relationships your financial institution has with customers by rising to the challenge of making your products more relevant, more valuable and overall better than the competition.

Our two solutions — a mobile app powered by BaZing and our CheckingScore analysis tool — provide an unmatched approach to delivering a modern, top-performing lineup.



modern mobile benefits

Local discounts, cell phone protection, roadside assistance and more benefits are impactful to customers' lives and add tremendous value to your accounts.

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Optimizing your relationships

CheckingScore prescribes product upgrades to protect your best, most profitable relationships, while fixing and growing the unprofitable ones.

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The Amazon Prime Effect: APRIL 5TH WEBINAR:

Sign up to attend our encore webinar based off of our recent 2019 conference presentation, The Amazon Prime Effect, to learn how the best retailers are responding to this dramatic shift in the way people buy, including real case studies of financial institutions who are successfully offering fee-based, value-added checking accounts.



White Paper: Reinventing Checking Accounts 

Download the free white paper by Ron Shevlin, Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors that is loaded with insights about how to thrive in the subscription society, including:

• Threats to checking accounts, like P2P payments, retailer mobile apps and robo-advisor tools.

• Who, and how many, are paying for free checking accounts versus fee-based checking accounts.

• Why fee-based accounts get referred by friends and family more than free accounts.

• How an account with value leads more people to switch accounts.

• And much more.


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We're honored to receive the Best in Bank Customer Experience Award!

At this recent Bank Customer Experience Summit in Chicago, StrategyCorps was awarded for our rewards-based mobile app BaZing in the category of Best Mobile Experience by a Fintech Provider.