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It’s never an easy task to fill your agenda with content that’s new to the ears of your attendees and educational enough to truly impact their financial institution’s strategy. All while entertaining your audience and being memorable enough to keep them coming back year after year, with more and more team members. 

We partner with bank and credit union associations nationwide to deliver a valuable collection of speeches for your annual meetings, executive conferences or other gatherings. You’ll energize your marketing, better reach your audience and provide education for attendees that helps them tackle today’s biggest challenges.

A library of knowledge

The curriculum is centered around innovation in the banking industry, as well as what you can learn from the world’s best retailers outside of banking. Presentations are also often followed up with free encore webinars, so anyone can easily share their new knowledge with other team members. 


KEYnote speeches:

The case of the missing Bank

The scene is set. You've arrived at your destination and your Uber payment is already complete. But where was your bank or credit union's debit card in the transaction? The financial institution has gone missing, and it's up to you to solve the mystery of how to bring it back to the forefront of modern payments. 

  • How the bank and credit union is disappearing from the point of sale experience

  • Why customer connections are continuously being stolen by non-banking retailers

  • How companies like Uber are serving customers with financial management faster than the banking industry


10 killer stats that will make you rethink your mobile strategy

60% of smartphone or tablet users who switched banks said mobile played a role in their decision to switch. 76 million mobile banking users will be automatically eligible to use the new P2P payments service Zelle on its launch day.

Add Millennials to the equation, and you've got even more complex numbers. We've got 8 more powerful stats that reveal the changing state of banking and will convince you these types of trends are here to stay.

The numbers don't lie — you'll have all the evidence needed to calculate a plan for your bank or credit union to not just survive, but thrive — with mobile loyalty apps and additional technology solutions.


The Amazon Prime Effect

Subscription services are quickly becoming the dominate strategy of today’s best retailers and have caused a monumental shift in the way people buy. More than 50% of all American households now subscribe to Amazon Prime, and more than 200 million people subscribe to this and other retail services such as Netflix, Spotify, Dollar Shave Club, Costco and AAA. Bank and credit union marketers have a duty to understand these trends and drive their financial institution beyond just transactions to connect better with the lifestyles of today’s modern consumers. 

  • How fee-based services like Amazon Prime, Dollar Shave Club and Netflix are rewiring the brains of today’s customers

  • Communication strategies and mobile loyalty app demonstrations of innovative ways they’re engaging customers and becoming more and more valuable to their subscribers

  • Man on the street consumer research videos, featuring real customers describing their feelings about banking fees:



Mobile Strategy Scorecard

It’s a big world of disruption out there, and you need a way to measure your bank or credit union’s success.

How many of the big 5 mobile banking features does your financial institution offer? For example, do you use Touch ID as an authentication method to log in to your app? How easy to use are your peer to peer payments? We’ll show live demos of today’s most innovative mobile banking apps and reveal the most important features to compare to your own app. Witness the benefits of loyalty programs to customers as well as financial institutions themselves – with mobile apps.


What's Next for Mobile Banking

The question remains the same, but the answers are constantly evolving. 

Discover the newest mobile banking features being implemented by top performing financial institutions that go beyond basic transactions to help them connect better with consumers – by focusing on benefits of loyalty programs to customers. 

  • Key players in the mobile payments war and as well as the financial institutions that are using rewards and mobile loyalty apps to engage customers.

  • Born digital banks that are leading the way in developing ways to serve customers' financial needs.

  • Social payments and how Venmo is becoming the standard for how Millennials and now more audiences think about finances between friends.

  • Consumer video research on the language of the millennial generation



Spotlight content:

The Robots are Coming

Online and robo banks like Simple, Digit, Penny and more are developing unordinary ways to serve customers' financial needs best. Finance apps are being easily integrated with other everyday apps, making transactions and savings easier than ever. While Venmo is becoming the standard for how Millennials and more and more people think about social payments. 

We'll demo the latest advances in financial advice, helping you discover the competition and what's working best with today's customers. 


Fee Income Trends and Tactics

Checking deposits are at an all-time high. Yet deposit related fee income is at a 10-year low.

Growing this fee income with traditional checking products will continue to be challenging, at a time when growing overall revenue is a top priority for financial institutions. We'll share fee income trends and the creative moves being made in the industry to combat these challenges.


Key Players in the War to Win Mobile Payments

Big banks and the largest retailers aren't going to sit idly by while Apple, Google and Samsung make their moves to control mobile payments. Join in the latest topic of our ongoing Spotlight Series, where we'll highlight the moves being made by key players in the mobile payments war and how community banks and credit unions are keeping up, or drastically falling behind. 


Latest Trends in Customers' Mobile App Usage

In the past 2 years, the amount of time people are using entertainment apps on their phone has increased by 30%, according to research from Nielsen

Entertainment is becoming the dominant relationship people have with their phones. That's why in effect, even banks and credit unions are competing with Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and Facebook for customers' share of mind and share of time. Learn more about the changing habits of today's consumers and how top performing app creators are becoming more and more equipped to respond to these shifts. 


About the speaker

Dave DeFazio, StrategyCorps Partner

Dave has spoken at conferences nationwide about innovations in retail banking, mobile banking, customer engagement, product and customer profitability, product design and bank marketing. He has extensive financial services experience and continues to have a passion for exploring the intersection of data, marketing and technology. 

As partner at StrategyCorps, Dave works with bank and credit union clients to design, build and implement a variety of checking, marketing and training programs. He develops consumer sites and mobile apps that deliver value to customers as well as analysis tools that allow clients to have a deeper understanding of customer relationships and product profitability. 

Dave received his B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from Ohio Wesleyan University. 


Excellent and dynamic presentation!
— 2018 Western Independent Bankers Associations Annual Conference Attendee
Fabulous! Dave was very entertaining and informative.
— 2018 Ohio Bankers League Technology Conference Attendee
Most valuable session of this year at AOBA 17! I am taking so much from this session back to my board. It brought the fuzzy discussion of fintech into clarity. A true WOW!
— 2017 BankDirector Acquire or Be Acquired Conference Attendee
A real eye opener, which is needed at times. Especially in today’s world of digital.
— 2017 IBA Midwest Bank Leaders Conference Attendee
Very timely presentation — great demonstrations of digital technology. He was a very, very effective speaker.
— 2017 IBA Midwest Bank Leaders Conference Attendee

Past Events

• American Bankers Association: Annual Conference, Bank Marketing Conference and Community Bankers Conference

• ABA Seminar for Presidents

• BAI Retail Delivery Conference

• The Financial Brand Forum

• Finovate

• BankDirector Acquire or Be Acquire Conference and Growth Conference

• American Banker Retail Best Practices and Small Business Banking Conferences

• BankWorld, BankHorizons, BankNext and The Bank Summit Conferences

• Washington Bankers Association - Keynote at Executive Conference and Presenter at Annual Meeting

• WA, NY, CT, VT Bankers Association Workshops 

• IN, TX, NC, SC and PA Banking Conferences

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