Banks and Social Media: The Customer's View

By Sicily Axton
Originally posted on March 21, 2014

What do real customers say about what they expect from their bank on Facebook or other social media sites?

We simply asked them. 

The quotes you'll find throughout this article are from a series of “man on the street” style marketing research videos recorded by StrategyCorps in Nashville, Tennessee. The people who participated in this research were asked questions about how banking fits in with their lifestyles, one prominent topic being social media. 

The answers can help shape not only your social media strategy but your bank’s entire customer connection strategy. 


If I’ve gotten really good service from somebody, I’m going to actually care about going to their Facebook page.

Facebook is simply an extension of your bank’s customer service personality. That's why companies that are best at customer service are also naturally best at Facebook. They’ve given customers a reason to care about them.

By making customers fall in love with your service, they'll fall in love with your bank. That's where social media connections start, word of mouth takes off and loyalty to you beats out other competition.

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