Driving Complexity Out of the Mobile Banking Experience

By Sicily Axton
Originally posted on TheFinancialBrand.com September 23, 2015


It is harder than ever to meet the increasing demands of the mobile banking consumer. As opposed to accepting mobile versions of online banking applications, the digital consumer wants the simplicity, contextuality, time savings and even entertainment value they receive from Amazon, Uber, Waze and their favorite retailer's mobile app.

In a presentation to financial institution executives, Scott Edwards, Marketing Director at Simple, described how Simple is trying to meet the growing expectations of their customers. Unlike most other organizations that have built their mobile banking solution as an outgrowth of traditional branch and online banking processes, Simple built their solution with a mobile-first perspective, following the lead of non-financial firms who have great mobile experiences.

Everything at Simple is designed to drive out complexity and make sense to the customer. From product design, to marketing, to customer service, each move is made by considering the consumer’s point of view, not necessarily the bank’s view.

By learning from Simple’s approaches, financial institutions can be inspired to build products based on how consumers want to use their smartphones, manage their finances and connect with their bank or credit union.

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