How Ally Bank Unified the Online, Mobile and Tablet Experience

By Sicily Axton
Originally posted on March 2, 2015

By researching what their customers wanted in an online and mobile banking platform, Ally Bank has delivered a unified experience that is purposeful to users, enhances their product strategy and has obvious competitive advantages, all while living true to the Ally brand.

Banks are not only evolving to bring better mobile experiences to their customers, they’re strategically making design changes across every platform so that their online, phone and tablet experiences remain in synch. This is because 59% of people now own three devices that they regularly use, according to a recent study by Carlisle and Gallagher.

“It was important for us that as people were navigating their Ally Bank experience, they were having a consistency across channels that felt unified,” said Carrie Sumlin, digital deposits executive at Ally Bank. “Usability was a key objective for us.”

Sumlin, along with her entire brand and digital team at Ally, work to understand and prioritize what’s important for the organization about deposits and products, and then bring that to life online or on the mobile app in a way that’s meaningful to customers.

Mapping out the direction of Ally’s online and mobile banking platforms was never a process of adding features simply to check them off of a to-do list. It was a purposeful exercise about designing for the Ally customer. It was influenced by research and tested with the people who would truly embody the persona of their audience.

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