From Deals on Checking to Deals Through Checking: How One Bank Leveraged Fintech for a Major Account Win

BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report
FinTech: From disrupter to partner

July 2017

Learn more about how our client Southern Bank changed course in the era of ubiquitous free checking, and how they instead added value to their checking accounts and increased their non-interest income. 

“Our increase in non-interest income tracked almost exactly where it was forecasted, at about an 80 percent lift...

On the merchant side, Southern presents the application as a benefit. When our business bankers call on prospects they pull out their smartphone, demonstrate the app and suggest the business could offer a deal. It’s a value-add, especially when we move into a new banking market—where scoring points with the small business community is always a plus.” 

- John Heeden, Senior VP and Marketing Director at Southern Bank, Mount Olive, N.C.

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