In just 90 days, we’ll design, build and launch customized checking solutions, completely risk free. If we don’t deliver what you’re looking for, you don’t owe us anything.

This includes our exclusive CheckingScore analytics solution that tells how each of your consumer checking accounts is performing financially and helps you understand your customer base like never before. Plus, we compare your performance using benchmarks from the millions of relationships in our CheckingScore database.

We’ll recommend solutions that deliver a customized product lineup that’s simple, much more financially productive and competitively different. Your personalized BaZing digital rewards mobile app and website will bring excitement to your bank or credit union and give employees a valuable, yet incredibly simple way to connect with your customers. Plus, we check out your competitors' approaches to checking to see how aggressive you can be with pricing. 

We then provide ongoing, best of class client service to keep your checking lineup fresh and modern, while delivering top performing financial results. We are your go to resource for all things checking related. 

Class is now in session.

Your front line is critical to your success, which is why our trainers personally teach your employees how to be pros at selling your new products. We’ll help them understand each benefit and give your employees the amazing tools they need to make good connections with customers. 

Each training includes role plays, digital rewards app demonstrations and everything needed to make your employees fall in love with your new products. By the end of our trainings, your team will be ready to sell and more excited about their new BaZing Rewards than any other product offers in the past.


Everyone is an advocate.

Every single person in your bank or credit union can be an advocate of your product lineup, which is why we also provide mini-session trainings to non-sales and service employees. We also have special trainings for branch managers to encourage incentive programs and help them understand their role in leading their team to success. 

Each training is customized to your needs and is built based on your unique sales techniques, processes and overall culture. 

Your discount network gets better and better.

With over 360,000 local deals across the country, your new customized BaZing app will automatically display a list of deals near you. And with your partnership, the BaZing discount network continues to grow. 

We support your bank or credit union’s product launch by organizing small business campaigns and sending our team of merchant coordinators into your community to assist in signing up new merchants. By allowing merchants in your area to feature a discount in the digital rewards app for free, you provide a unique way to bring value to your customers, all while supporting local businesses in your community. 

And with our Refer-a-Merchant program, your customers and employees can suggest new merchants to be added to your discount network all the time.

BaZing's looking good on you. 

Our BaZing mobile app and website are easily customizable to your financial institution’s brand position and style. Your unique account is front and center, while BaZing’s benefits serve to power the account. 

Users access your benefits through a mobile app customized to your branding, as well as a custom website, all delivered at no extra cost to you. A variety of customized marketing materials are also created for you, including digital marketing assets, social media content, branch merchandising and sales tools.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Service to our clients doesn't stop after we launch a new product lineup. We continue to work closely with your team and monitor your success over time with automated sales tracking reports that are easy to implement and understand. Training and product specialists are always ready to collaborate on your next project, answer questions and discuss new strategies for your bank. 

Plus, our own customer service team provides ongoing support for all BaZing users, including mobile digital rewards app and website support, help with access to benefits and other questions related to BaZing.