Deliver your best account lineup.

Protect the relationships your financial institution has with customers by rising to the challenge of making your products more relevant, more valuable and overall better than the competition.

Our two solutions — a mobile app powered by BaZing and our CheckingScore analysis tool — provide an unmatched approach to delivering a modern, top-performing lineup.



modern mobile benefits

Local discounts, cell phone protection, roadside assistance and more benefits are impactful to customers' lives and add tremendous value your accounts.

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Optimizing your relationships

CheckingScore prescribes product upgrades to protect your best, most profitable relationships, while fixing and growing the unprofitable ones.

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Webinar: What’s Next for Mobile Banking?

Friday June 3 at 1 p.m.

Pay by selfie. Mobile wallets. Fraud notifications. Thumbprint authorizations. The answer is always evolving but the question remains the same. Join the encore Breakout Session from this year’s Growing the Bank Conference. 


We actively track, quantify, rank and analyze nearly 4 million checking account relationships of community financial institutions nationwide. It's your chance to see detailed performance data on millions of consumer checking relationships to compare to your financial institution. 


Banking products are more important than ever, and the best banks are going beyond the basics to connect better with customers' mobile lifestyles. 

View a demo of our BaZing mobile app from this year's Innovation Showcase at the ABA Marketing & Retail Conference. Featuring location-aware discounts and a variety of benefits, like cell phone protection and identity theft protection, all housed right in the app.